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Fri Mar 17 14:08:24 UTC 2006

There's a program called scanmodem out there in the internet. If you 
download it, install it, and run it, it'll generate files that describe 
the type of modem you have. In some cases there's already a driver 
ported to linux. In some cases the modem manufacturer's has either 
created the driver or released specifications, so the drivers are rather 
solid. In some cases (like my conextant modem in an x40 thinkpad ) the 
driver is not free (either beer or speech). But you can still get a free 
version that connects at 14.4 and pay $20 for the full version.

Read the files that scanmodem generates. They can be somewhat cryptic, 
but they have a lot of information.

BTW, while I have only used 4 or 5 laptops with winmodems in the past, 
every time that a winmodem falls on my lap I have been able to find 
_some_ driver that works under linux.

Carson Wilcox wrote:
> The majority of winmodems will not work under linux, however some of the 
> new ones do and drivers are available for some of the others.
> I know there are sources for this info, but can't remember where to look 
> at the moment.
> */Rein Mann <reica at>/* wrote:
>     CJ Kelley> writes:
>     Reply:Dude, winmodems are designed for Windows Only!! Therefore,
>     they will not
>     work under any kind of linux
>     Well it worked under Red Hat!
>     Rein Mann
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