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Fri Mar 17 03:48:15 UTC 2006

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C Hamel wrote:
> On Thursday 16 March 2006 20:35, Darryl Clarke wrote:
>> On 16/03/06, C Hamel <yogich at> wrote:
>>> In past msgs my signing keys (two of them) come back bad on this list &
>>> good when I send to myself.  These keys have been around the block,
>>> imported to a couple previous Dapper builds, and worked okay. This is
>>> only a key-test. Sorry for any inconvenience... I have re-imported & will
>>> file a bug if they come back as bad.
>>> --
>> You need to sign the content/message body itself (see many other users
>> on this list) and not attach a signature.
>> When any spam, av, maillist daemons add stuff to your messages it will
>> invalidate the attached signature.
>> --
>> ~ Darryl  ~ smartssa at
>> ~
> I believe that is what I am doing.  At least I know it works on Breezy, 
> Gentoo, SuSE, et. al., and not on Dapper.  The setup in Kmail isn't that 
> hard, and it is uniform between all.  That's my puzzle.  If I go back to 
> Breezy & look at the msgs they'll doubtless be okay.  If I'm wrong, I'll post 
> another saying so, but they were okay, yesterday.

No. The problem is this...

This message was scanned for Spam and Viruses by Barracuda Networks Spam

...that is tacked on the bottom of each message. Kmail is attaching a
signature, rather than embedding it in the body of the message, which
means that the signature is invalid.

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