Help with dv cam

Shelagh Manton oneida at
Thu Mar 16 06:22:25 UTC 2006

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 21:45:42 -0600, Patrick Siglin wrote:

> OOPS! I hit the wrong button on the last message. I use dvgrab from the term
> window. You can apt-get this one. I believe it was called dvgrab. The only
> thing I noticed on pulling video was my ipod had to be disconnected or it
> would not work. 

Thanks, I did have this utility installed, but a careful reading of the
man page alerted me to the av/c "thing" (how technical!) with some dv
cams. Obviously the nv-gs150 is one of those. 

Just for the record, it would only capture in rawdv format and the colour
diappears. Maybe I'll ask on the Kino list to see if this is normal.


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