Scott J. Henson scotth at
Wed Mar 15 18:31:52 UTC 2006

Matthew R. Dempsky wrote:
> No, it is the point because the topic was whether packages that depend 
> on themselves to build can be included in Ubuntu.
> If Ubuntu can use gcc to compile the gcc package, they can use Free 
> Pascal to compile the fpc package.  It doesn't matter if gcc is 
> compilable with the tinycc if Ubuntu's build daemons don't use 
> it.
> Similarly, the GNU make package is built using GNU make.  I'm sure it 
> can be built using other make tools (and probably even without), but it 
> again doesn't matter.

Yes you can compile gcc without using gcc.  Its called boot strapping
and its incredibly painful and long winded.  It is how gcc is ported to
new architectures.  It usually involves using another compiler that is
already on the host, cross compiling, or assembly.  But, for sanity,
most Distributions use the last working version of gcc to compile the
next version of gcc.  Even then building gcc is not all that much
fun(though the last time I did it, it was for a cross compiler for
powerpc, so native is probably slightly easier). 

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