Dapper -- Any way to configure WEP encryption using a passphrase rather than key?

Miles Lane miles.lane at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 15:31:32 UTC 2006


With Fedora Core running NetworkManager, I get prompted for a passphrase
for a new WEP connection.  I have a Linksys AP.  When I set up the access
point, I entered "sometext" as my passphrase and this caused a hex key
to be generated.  When I enter the passprase into NetworkManager,
it successfully connects to the AP.  In other words, I don't need to enter
the entire hex key string.

When I installed from the latest Dapper Flight CD, I couldn't get the network
to configure, because I didn't have the hex key written down.  This was a big
bother.  Likewise, Network Monitor (the network management applet) seems
incapable of configuring my connection without the hex key.  I tried specifying
an ascii string, but it appears that the ascii key is different from
the passphrase.
This difference is not mentioned in the instructions, IIRC. Confusing.

Anyhow, I would love to not have to remember the hex string.  Is there any
way to get this working, or must I install NetworkManager.

By the way, this is another compelling reason to make NM a part of the Dapper


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