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Mon Mar 13 20:08:06 UTC 2006

I'll focus on stuff that was not yet answered by other posters when I
typed this.

On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 19:19 +0600, c_priyadarshi at wrote:
> 3. With my Windows O/S I'm using Avast Anti-Virus,

There is antivirus software for GNU/Linux, most notably Clamav, which is
included in Ubuntu

Note that these virus scanners are mainly there to run on a mail server
and scan mail for Windows users. There is no known virus in the wild for
GNU/Linux systems. It is possible there may be some in the future, but
there are certain architecture differences between Windows and GNU/Linux
that make widespread viruses much less likely in GNU/Linux. (But
GNU/Linux is not immune to security threats - care must be taken)

> Agnitum Outpost Firewall

Ubuntu has by default no ports open and therefore does not need to run a
(packet filtering) firewall. If you will run your computer as a server
that it accessible over the network, you might want one. If so, a wide
variety is available in Ubuntu, for example the simple and very easy to
configure Firestarter, the powerful Shorewall, or the very advanced
zorp, that does protocol analyzing, just to name a few.

> Nero6

CD copying and creation is mostly integrated in Ubuntu's file manager
and other applications (such as music players), but dedicated
applications are available too, as well as command line tools.

> Mozilla Firefox

The next release of Ubuntu, 06.04 (codename Dapper Drake) has,
the current release 05.10 (Breezy Badger) has 1.0.7, but with all
security fixes applied.  

> MS Office 2003

OpenOffice is included, which has similar functionality and generally
good file compatibility with MS Office. You can download a Windows
version on The compatibility is not perfect though
(but then, even MS does not have that across releases).

There are also other office packages, like the Gnome office suite
(AbiWord, Gnumeric), KOffice by the KDE project, and others. For desktop
publishing there is Scribus. For website creation you might want to try
Nvu or Screem. 

Completely different takes on text processing are also included, such as
the typesetter LaTeX with its graphic user interface LyX.

If for some reason you absolutely need MS Office, I recommend to
purchase Crossover Office, which will let you use it (and other Windows
software) pretty seamlessly in Ubuntu.

> VCD Cutter 4.04,

Don't know

>  ALZip 6.1, 

A compression utility is included, but I don't know how it compares to

> Nokia Multimedia Player 1.1

Don't know

>  and few
> USB devices like mouse, 

Will work

> printer 

Will most likely work, but quality is dependent on the actual model.
Some printer manufacturers make it easier than others to support their

> and digital and web cameras.

If the manufacturer did the sane thing and followed standards, they will
in all likelihood work: if the digicam works as a USB mass storage
device (most do), it will simply show up as a drive in the file manager.
Cameras that have their own funny interfaces might work, but depends on
Webcams I don't know. you might want to start here

> 4. Do ICQ 

ICQ is supported by Gaim in the default install. Gaim can use many other
instant messenger protocols too. Besides Gaim there are other ICQ
clients available.

> and Skype
> support for Linux?

Others have given pointers on how to install it in Ubuntu 05.10. I want
to add that it will a simply download in the next release, 06.04.

I'd recommend to wait for the next release anyway. It is scheduled for
April 20th (therefore 06.04 for year.month), but currently there is a
proposal to delay it for 6 weeks, so it might take until May/June. 
06.04/Dapper will be much improved over 05.10/Breezy, and will be the
first Ubuntu release with very long promised support - 3 years after
release if I remember correctly.

Kind regards,

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