Need Ubuntu In Delhi

Filipe Bonjour fbonjour at
Sat Mar 11 14:44:52 UTC 2006


> Firefox: yes, it is there. The current stable version of Ubuntu
> (called "Breezy Badger") comes with 1.0.5 (plus all patches); the next
> version ("Dapper Drake") will come with 1.5.0 (plus all patches).
Actually, I think it's 1.0.7. There are ways to install 1.5 quite easily 
( and, while we're at this, 
you also have a page for the newer version of Thunderbird 

>> 4. Do ICQ and Skype
>> support for Linux? Is there any other compatible messenger available so
>> that I can use these ID on Linux?
There is a package for Debian in the Skype website, but it cannot be 
installed because it requires a library that has been deprecated in 
Ubuntu. You can check the following site for an easy recipe for adapting 
the Package: 
<>. Note 
that it's still Skype 1.2, not Skype 2.0. (Also, I have to say, I 
haven't tried it yet.)

As for the other software...

* There is of course no port of Office, but works for me.
* I don't know what Cutter is.
* I don't know what ALZip is either, though (assuming it's some sort of 
Winzip clone) all the tools are available on Linux from the command 
line, and there is also a GUI --- which I have never used.
* As for multimedia players, there are several. My favourite is mplayer.
* You shouldn't have problems with any USB device.

I found the following page a great help

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