Is there a good BASIC compiler for ubuntu?

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Sun Mar 12 17:35:20 UTC 2006

Alexandre Franke <alexandre.franke at> wrote: On 3/12/06, CJ Kelley  wrote:
> I am still pretty new to programming and am starting to become very
> proficient in the BASIC language. I dont know very much of C++, other then
> how to get the computer to display a line of text. So my question is, is
> there a good BASIC compiler out there that will work under Ubuntu Linux?

As far as I know, BASIC is not a compiled language, but rather an
interpreted one. So I guess that it is an interpreter you are looking
In this page you'll find some BASIC interpreters:
However, I wouldn't recommend using BASIC. Why did you choose this
language? Someone told you to do so? Maybe python will be better for
your needs.

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dude, BASIC was my first (and currently only) language that i learned and am proficient in. First off, basic is easier for me to learn and second off, its basic.
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