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Sat Mar 11 11:32:54 UTC 2006

On 3/10/06, c_priyadarshi at <c_priyadarshi at> wrote:
> 1. the
> latest version of Ubuntu Enterprise Edition will be compatible with my
> PC or not. If not then which version I'll have to use?

This got covered already, but there is no Enterprise Edition yet.
There are plans, but nothing available yet.

> 2. How much the
> CD/DVD will cost including the cost of the CD/DVD (media) and
> transportation charges at my doorstep? Or is it really free with no
> hidden charges?

Well, if you grab an image at , all your
costs will be the internet time to download and the blank CD you'll
have to buy. :) [Just a quick note: I pointed to the current stable
release, but a new version will be available on next month -- the
procedure still the same, though]

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu also offers free CDs (and yes,
they are really free). You can order them at . [As I pointed before, a new version will
be available in a month and I think you can pre-order it]

> 3. With my Windows O/S I'm using Avast Anti-Virus,
> Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Nero6, Mozilla Firefox, MS Office
> 2003, VCD Cutter 4.04, ALZip 6.1, Nokia Multimedia Player 1.1 and few
> USB devices like mouse, printer and digital and web cameras. If I shift
> to Linux what alternate to all these applications I'll to purchase? Does
> it comes bundled with Ubuntu itself? if not how much extra it'll cost me
> and from where I can get these applications?

Let's try to cover all points:

Anti-virus: Although there are some virus for Linux, they are quite
hard to find. There are some anti-virus for Linux but, in 5 years
using Linux as my main OS (sometimes, work forces me to use Windows) I
never had a problem with virus.

Firewall: Linux comes with its own firewall, called "iptables". It is
not very user-friendly, but there are tools to easily configure the
block anything you want. I don't think it is necessary though, as
Ubuntu comes with very few services enable and, without a program
running to be attacked, there is no need to block it.

Firefox: yes, it is there. The current stable version of Ubuntu
(called "Breezy Badger") comes with 1.0.5 (plus all patches); the next
version ("Dapper Drake") will come with 1.5.0 (plus all patches).

Sorry, I don't know the other applications so I can't say there are
equivalents on Ubuntu. Probably yes.

> 4. Do ICQ and Skype
> support for Linux? Is there any other compatible messenger available so
> that I can use these ID on Linux?

For ICQ there is GAIM, that comes with the CD. There is a version of
Skype for Linux and some pointers of the official wiki on how to
install it (someone can help me here?)

Julio Biason <julio.biason at>

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