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Paul Thompson ubantu001 at
Wed Mar 8 18:12:57 UTC 2006


No I have had no problems but like U I have only been working at a
basic level. 1.8.3 is regarded as a no-no for use with rails but as
you said it might have been fixed in the deb. I just thought that
since I am planning to install RadRails I should fix it.

What is the version that you got from Dapper?


On 3/9/06, Al Gordon <runlevel7 at> wrote:
> On 3/7/06, Paul Thompson <ubantu001 at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am running Ruby, Gems and Rails. The ruby I am using is the ubuntu
> > one 1.8.3 which is a no no for rails.
> >
> > Can anyone advise me on how to safely upgrade to ruby 1.8.4. Be
> > advised that I am still very much a Liniux newbie. Assistance with
> > this will be most sincerely welcome.
> >
> > Paul
> Just yesterday, I snagged Ruby .deb packages from Dapper's
> repositories and installed them using dpkg onto my Ubuntu 5.10 system.
>  Everything's working well.
> Debian and most derived distributions often fix bugs in a release of a
> package without updating the version number.  It's possible that rails
> will work just fine with 5.10's included Ruby. Have you tried yet?  I
> don't recall having any problems with rails on Ubuntu 5.10, but then,
> I've done only very basic things with it so far.
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