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Andy Grove andy.grove at
Tue Mar 7 15:53:25 UTC 2006

[Apologies for creating a new thread but I had inadvertently hijacked a
previous thread with my original email]



I just recently got xorg working properly by adding a Modeline to my
xorg.conf and everything looks great until I start using the scroll bars on
windows e.g. scrolling through Google results in Firefox. I get a strange
effect which I believe is caused by double buffering not working properly
and some pixels getting left behind. Resizing the window causes a repaint
and everything looks fine again. The problem isn't limited to Firefox.


I've posted a photo of the problem here:


Scrolling down the page will take you to another post containing my xorg
config (no idea if this is even related to xorg).


It would be great to get this fixed without spending any money as the
machine is working fine apart from this glitch. The machine is a Dell SC420
and the specification can be found here:


Thanks for your help.








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