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There have been a few attempts to solve this very problem. I didn't
find any that satisfy me, so I wrote my own:

Besides the odd name for the script, this script uses two well known
Perl modules to guess most of the tags for the files as possible. It
will then use this "meta" information and rename the filenames
accordingly (in a similar way that iTunes would rename directories for
a given file: Artist/Album/track-song.extension). The script works for
Mp3's as well as Ogg files.

Backup your files before running that script!! You've been warned.

I usually set it up as a cronjob, so that the script keeps my music
directory normalize. From a terminal do:

crontab -e

00 */2 * * * cd ~/Music && ~/Applications/scripts/
--remove-duplicates --remove-empty-dirs

That will move inside your Music directory and attempt to rename all
files in it according to their id3 tags, every 2 hours. You might want
to skip the --remove-duplicates and use it interactively with the
--show-duplicates argument first. This way you will get an idea of
what files are dups before this script deletes them!

If you need help using it, just do:

$> --help
NAME - a simple mp3/ogg file renaming script

SYNOPSIS [-v,--version] [-D,--debug] [-h,--help] [-V,--verbose]
    [-S,--show-duplicates] [-R,--remove-empty-dirs] [-r,--remove-duplicates]
    [[directory] | [file1 [file2] [...]]]

    This script finds all music files in a given directory and renames them
    according to the tags found in them. Renaming is consistent with iTunes
    naming convention with minor additions:


Hope that helps...

On 3/5/06, Jonathan McLoughlin <jonathan.mcloughlin at> wrote:
> a program that i have been searching for and would love to have, any
> suggestions?
> i have ripped my music collection overs the years in a half-assed
> manner, some with ID3 tags some without, no consistancy with file name
> convention
> What i would love is a program that would go out to the freedb
> internet server correct and rename all my mp3 with ID3 tags are move
> and arrange them in a correct and directory structure
> Any automated ideas?

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