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Unfortunately freedb probably wont help you out, since the data that freedb and other cd title
management services is lost when you rip.

Not too sure about the algorithm they use to generate the CD identifier, but here's the wikipedia article
on freedb.

There was some research done on finding out the title of a song by analyzing the MP3 itself, done mostly I think for antipiracy efforts.  Not sure how well it worked out though.


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a program that i have been searching for and would love to have, any

i have ripped my music collection overs the years in a half-assed
manner, some with ID3 tags some without, no consistancy with file name

What i would love is a program that would go out to the freedb
internet server correct and rename all my mp3 with ID3 tags are move
and arrange them in a correct and directory structure

Any automated ideas?

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