Problems after install on amd64

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Sun Mar 5 06:03:35 UTC 2006

Henti Smith wrote:
> David Teague(T-bird acct) wrote:
>> Henti Smith wrote:
>>> Hi there.
>>> I finally got my 64bit ubuntu version :)
>>> Unfortunately I've not gotten to work on it yet. I'm having some 
>>> major issues.
>>> X doesn't work .. no matter what resolution I try. I'm running an 
>>> nvidia 6600 GT I've tried with my 21 inch CRT as well as a 17 inch LG 
>>> LCD.
>>> It seems the resolution is out of sync. I've checked the xog file and 
>>> nothing seems out of place.
>>> I also cannot use my keyboard once X starts. so I cannot kill X to 
>>> debug.
>>> any suggestions ?
>>> Henti
>> Henti
>> I am about to build a system with an AMD 64 using an nVidia 6600 GT
>> with my 19 inch KDS monitor. I am interested in your experience in this.
>> Please post your system details (MoBo chipset, RAM, FSB speed, disks
>> and anything else that might help someone (smarter than I, it is to be
>> hoped) figure out what is happening to that system and how to fix it..
>> Warm Regards
>> David Teague
> ASUS A8V-E SE motherboard
> 1024 MB RAM (not sure what make) (gentoo worked fine on this system)
> 160G SATA Drive (for linux)
> Monitor I'm not sure .. it's branded as a Mecer H113 which I know is a 
> South African specific brand
> I'll have a look later on what the serial on the back brings up on 
> google ...
> I'll reinstall again and boot into single user mode and grab all the 
> relevant information I can find ..and send it as well.
> Cheers
I have a very similar system, the only difference being and ATI Radeon 
based card. Been running since Hoary just fine.

One thing to try is if you put your install disc in and boot, there is a 
recovery mode. This should allow you terminal access to the system so 
you can tinker with the xorg settings. A few things to ponder:
1. Does the live CD work?
2. Are you running the Nvidia drivers or generic VGA?
3. Check your video card documentation and online for the max boundaries 
or your sync and stay within those.
4. Do you need any special boot parameters like a frame buffer for the 
LCD, if you look at the boot options on the CD you'll see an example 
like vga=771 or vga=779. I don't fully understand how this works but my 
laptop LCD I use vga=771 on the end of the boot parameter in 
/boot/grub/menu.lst that I'm trying to load.
Note if you want to try lots of options you can test by I think pressing 
'e' during the grub menu to get a one time boot option tweak. Then if it 
works for some reason add it to the boot file to make it permanent.


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