Pronouncing "ubuntu"

Yuki Cuss celtic at
Thu Mar 2 10:54:37 UTC 2006

Russell Cook wrote:
> I think on this list we all know its oo-boon-too.
> However if I said that to any Aussie that wasn't on the list they'd 
> think either a) I'm swearing at them, b) I'd had a stroke or c) lost 
> my mind. So we tend to say "you-bun-too". So now it's no longer an 
> African word, but the australianised (bastardised??) version of the 
> name of a flavour of Debian Linux :-()

... a) would they?
b) would you've?
c) really?

I've never heard it pronounced anything but correctly here (Victoria). 
When I meet someone who mispronounces (read: my *mother*), I kill them.

.. or re-educate them.

 - Yuki.
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