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Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 30 07:05:30 UTC 2006

Your idea is really sweet! We already have ubuntu server for servers and
desktop for desktop. In Slax there is Killbill for people who want to
try running windows apps, a server version for people who want that
functionality, a pop corn for smallness and a standard general purpose.
Installing something like development-desktop, or publishing-desktop as
well as ubuntu-desktop would be great. Instantly installing the best
selection of apps for each and also customizing the layout

On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 10:56 +0600, A. Kudryashov wrote:

> David Woyciesjes wrote:
> > ubuntu at rio.vg wrote:
> >> He rants against XGL as frivolous, and while right now it is certainly
> >> primarily eye candy, he is ignoring the very real benefits of having the
> >> entire screen rendered through 3d channels rather than 2d.  Better font
> >> rendering and the cube for desktop switching are both great
> >> improvements, and who knows what they'll think of next?
> >
> > ...skipped
> >> ...  Declaring that it should bend over to one niche or the
> >> other is simply absurd.  Linux is incredibly adaptable, why cage the 
> >> tiger?
> >
> >     He isn't suggesting that all of Linux go one way. What he is 
> > saying is that there is an opportunity for a distro (or two) to be 
> > created specifically for a certain market, like writers/publishers.
> >     Sort-of like Edubuntu, or (in a way) like typing "server" when you 
> > install Ubuntu.
> >
> I like 3D rendering , don't hold me up to shame.
> I just want to say that my PC is a "tool" for me or "a lathe". And I 
> trying make it more handy. Current situation looks like "it has no 
> matter that sword is blunt, it has brilliant instead". Every time I have 
> to search program or manual or something else... And I don't know for 
> sure what will be really useful. I saw that others has the same problem. 
> If we could make the good distro, why can't we make a some kind of 
> "pattern" for
> - software designer
> - graphic designer
> - journalist
> - secretary
> - layer
> - accountant
> ...
> with appropriate collections of program and manuals that are specialized 
> for aim of pattern? How many patterns really could be?
> "Office suit..." boys, what is an OFFICE for you today? As for me it is: 
> thunderbird, ICQ, wiki, google calendar, cvs, firefox. It is  
> definitely  not  M$ Office! Typewriters and charts was an office 
> programs somewhere in 1995...
> Andrey.
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