Upgrading to Edgy Eft

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Thu Jun 29 05:17:00 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 20:10 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Mario, it _never_ sounded like a good idea to _me_ (even though I
> tried it). 

I might be barking up the wrong tree then - my reading of what you wrote
here was different:
On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 13:57 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Now, I realize that I can't generalize from this one situation, but
> really I think people should be encouraged to use edgy, not
> discouraged. 

> And I still say that if the developers expect it to be that serious,
> the edgy archive shouldn't be open to just anybody. 

That's just unreasonable. Even if the devs wanted to do this, it would
be against the whole FLOSS culture. Ubuntu would be roasted on open fire
on Slashdot (and rightly so for once) and elsewhere. 
It would really hurt the image of Ubuntu, and consequently development
and the community. Hell, I love Ubuntu, but even I'd be gone back to
another Debian-based distro (or Debian itself) in an instant if this

It would also be nonsensical because the upstream projects are not
closed either.

And it would do no good because users are already warned. NO normal user
would ever get the idea to run edgy before release - you might notice
that nowhere does any official Ubuntu doc say that they should (I'll say
it yet again, the edgy release notes even say many users might prefer
Dapper even after Edgy's release). The whole discussion here is only
necessary (well ... ;) because the implications of running unstable are
frequently downplayed on this list, where newbies hang out
unsupervised ;)

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