No Wifi with Custom Kernel

Pat_Primate ulist at
Wed Jun 28 22:34:53 UTC 2006

I must update my previous post.

Using the tips from your thread I have been able to get my ipw2200 wifi
working with my custom kernel :D

I had to do something slightly different though, using the dmesg
command that I learned about in your thread I discovered that my custom
kernel was trying to load ipw2200 driver version 1.1.1 (Not the 1.1.0
that I have installed with my xubuntu kernel) (I installed kernel
version 2.6.17-1 with the ck1 patch - Thanx to xXx Own3d xXx's thread - and I guess the
default driver for the 2200bg is ipw2200-1.1.1 in that kernel) and
ipw2200-1.1.1 requires a different firmware version than 1.1.0 does.

So I went to and downloaded the
appropriate firmware (V3.0) and unzipped it into a newly created
directory in my /lib/firmware/2.6.17-1 folder, rebooted, and presto,
everything worked

So thanks to Your's and Markus' thread for providing me with my answers


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