Upgrading to Edgy Eft

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Tue Jun 27 19:20:16 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Mario Vukelic wrote:
>>> I don't think people get upset about this at all. But I think what does
>>> upset some people is if users upgrade to edgy, then post to the list
>>> "something is broken, I have package conflicts", and ask for help.
>> Exactly. If somebody is under the impression to use a not yet
>> released distribution, he should know how to handle such small
>> problems. Further, I don't think it's right to post questions
>> about a "developer distribution" on the users list - IMO such
>> questions belong to the -dev list.
>> This list is for users, not for dev's! And Edgy isn't for
>> users (at least not yet).
> NO, NO, absolutely NO.  If edgy isn't for the user community then the
> archive should not be open.

No, I completely disagree. It should be open, so that it's easy
for (wannabe *G*) developers to jump on board of the development
of the upcoming release. A lot of (good) bug reports also make
development easier.

>  It IS intended for us to use,

No, it isn't, I suppose. I suppose it's rather for some to develop
and debug - *not* for use!

> and just like
> dapper, many of us here will be using it long before release date.  


> This list is for _users_.

Yes. For _users_. Not for developers. Or rather, not for development
questions - put differently, not for Edgy questions.

>  It is NOT for breezy or dapper users, it's for
> ALL users.

Then I wonder, why the -dev list exists.

>  This is exactly the attitude that got me started in this
> thread.

Well. It was the right attitude.

> Honestly, I can't see how you could open your response to Mario
> with "exactly" and then get it so completely wrong.

Because I didn't. Can't help if you misunderstood what was written.

>  Mario just said that
> Edgy users have to expect that there'll be problems.  He didn't say they
> shouldn't discuss those problems.

That's correct. He wrote:

| But I think what does
| upset some people is if users upgrade to edgy, then post to the list
| "something is broken, I have package conflicts", and ask for help.

>  And, btw, they're not likely to
> be "small" problems.

Fine. Even more reason to *NOT* post to a users list but to talk
"directly" to the developers.

>  New beta releases rarely have only "small" problems,
> but people have to try them or the developers will never know what needs
> fixing.

Exactly. And that's why problems, which aren't likely relevant to
users, shouldn't be discussed here. IMO, such questions are simply
off-topic here.


| Developer lists
|       The ubuntu-devel mailing list is for highly-technical
|       discussions and implementation details regarding current
|       development on Ubuntu.

It says, that the -dev list is for discussing "current development"
aspects. Thus, questions reg. a "current development" distribution
are on-topic there and *thus* off-topic here.

Quite simple :)

Alexander Skwar
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