Merging VCDs to DVD

cesera ulist at
Mon Jun 26 22:46:05 UTC 2006

Joel Bryan Juliano Wrote: 
> Read about KVCD. It's a cool format that can put an entire movie into a

> single CD-R, with 30-40% improved quality than normal VCD.

I read up on KVCD and it looks like just the kind of thing I am after,
however I can't work out how to use it. Have you got experience with

Joel Bryan Juliano Wrote: 
> or you can do


> # cat /dev/cdrom > dvd.iso

> # cat /dev/cdrom1 >> dvd.iso

> # cat /dev/cdrom2 >> dvd.iso

> # sync


> where cdrom1 and cdrom2 are different disk.



This looks good as well, but would I still be able to use that DVD in
my normal DVD player (the one connected to the TV)?


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