SCIM woes!

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Mon Jun 26 11:45:27 UTC 2006

Gabriel Dragffy a écrit :
> I'm running a newly installed Dapper Gnome system. I'm using the 
> en_GB-UTF8 locale for everything. I want to use SCIM to input Chinese 
> on occasion. I can fire up SCIM and have my desired input engines 
> installed and theoretically by right-clicking in an app and selecting 
> SCIM as the input method followed by CTRL+SPACE I should be bashing 
> away in Chinese. No Joy.
> No matter what I try I cannot seem to enter anything other than 
> English. Advice appreciate that does not suggest I convert my locales 
> to zh_CN-UTF8!!
> Gabe 
Try the steps at

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