Question about "remastering" (I think)

Anthony Papillion II anthony at
Mon Jun 26 06:00:40 UTC 2006

Hello Everyone,

I think what I need to do is called remastering but I'm not sure I need to go that far to accomplish my goal so I thought I'd ask here. Basically, I have a web application that I'd like to visit our clients and demo. Some of our clients don't have Internet access so I can't just put the app up on the web and go there. What I'd like to do is use Ubuntu to create a LiveCD that I can place in my clients CDROM, boot up Ubuntu, have it load Apache, MySQL, and KDE, then automatically open a web browser and load a specific localhost page. Doesn't seem that complex so I'm not sure I need to do full remastering.

Any ideas?
Any resources I can go to to learn what I need to do to accomplish this?
I'd go to Google but I don't really know what to look for lol

Thanks in advance...

Anthony Papillion
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