Playing a DVD -- was: ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 22, Issue 391

Jean Hollis Weber jean-ooo at
Sun Jun 25 08:00:56 UTC 2006

Dana J. Laude wrote:
> Jean, I've been "kinda" following this thread and something is screwed 
> up.  I would suggest installing a "fresh" dapper install of either 
> ubuntu or kubuntu. 
> [...]
> Hope this helps. If anyone else can.., please do ... and follow up.

Thank you for the suggestion, and the detailed instructions. I do 
appreciate it, and I will keep them to refer to. I have the 
Dapper alternate install ISO on CD already (I used it to upgrade 
from Breezy), but I think I'll pass on doing a re-install at this 
point. I've put too much effort into getting other things 
(including dual screeen and wireless) working, and would prefer 
not to have to do them all again (even assuming I can find my 
notes on how to do them). Playing a DVD is not very high on my 
priority list... but I was doing so well getting everything else 
going, I thought I'd try for the lot.

Cheers, Jean

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