Problems Playing Videos

JimD Jim at
Sun Jun 25 04:27:50 UTC 2006

aljones15 wrote:
> I actually have the same problem. If I watch one video on youtube then
> close the window suddenly I have no sound for any of the other
> applications including the web brosweer. I've tried killall esd (which
> worked with the last version of ubuntu), but now it doesn't.
> peace,
> A

Have you tried this:

I love just about all of Gnome, except for ESound.  ESound is the 
biggest piece of junk sound "server" I have ever used.  I wish it would 
go away.  Alsa can do sound mixing now OTB, so there is no need for it 
any more.  Or at the very least, ESound should be replaced across Gnome 
with something better like polypaudio.

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