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Sun Jun 25 01:06:36 UTC 2006

Carroll Grigsby Wrote: 
> For the second time this week, we have been directly spammed by the
> forum link 

> (aka ohiggins). That's simply unacceptable, particularly for a
> distribution 

> that has aspirations to be a player in the enterprise arena.


> My first thought is to filter all forum postings directly to the bit
> bucket, 

> but that would deny access to the useful information that does appear
> on the 

> forum. A far better solution would be to modify the forum software to
> kill 

> the spam before it ever gets posted. I read a number of forums every
> day, and 

> also I also subscribe to several other linux maillists all of which
> seem to 

> have effective spam filters installed.


> -- cmg


> -- 

> ubuntu-users mailing list

> ubuntu-users (AT) lists (DOT)


I beleive that quite a lot of spam already gets killed.  Perhaps some
more details can help the problem.  I will see if I can draw this to
the attention of someone who can do something more about it.


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