live cd and ipod

Hal Rider hrubuntu at
Fri Jun 23 19:29:43 UTC 2006

I installed ipod linux on my pod. all went well
now I want to add the mame and idoom games onto it.
no worries boot up livecd (6.06 lts) and it shows up as ipod and ipod-1
ipod-1 is the linux parition.
the problem is it's mounted as read only for normal users except root
the live cd obviously isn't root because I cannot drop files into the 
linux parition.
how can I change the permissions, or become root so I can drop the files in?

I'm still playing with the idea of turning my laptop into an ubuntu 
machine but still doing research into the hibernate questions and also 
my wireless card and so haven't bitten the bullet yet and made the leap.

thanks heaps for any assistance


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