More Thunderbird problems

Wade Smart wade at
Fri Jun 23 11:45:16 UTC 2006

06232006 0641 GMT-6

I posted before that Thunderbird was having trouble opening folders and 
will not check mail at all unless I click the button. Now things have 
become far worse.

If you are on the Inbox side of the folders, you cannot check mail. You 
have to click on a folder on the Local Folders site before you can check 

I kept hitting Get Mail, Get Mail... and nothing was happening. Then I 
clicked on a email from earlier, clicked Reply, sent that message and 
then 202 messages downloaded. That is how I found out.

Still its saying the Inbox has 100 messages when it has 10 or 1. Then 
the Inbox locks up and you cant change the message from New to Read or 
move it from that folder. To fix this, you have to click on any folder 
in the Local Folders and then go back to the Inbox.


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