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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Jun 22 19:08:12 UTC 2006

On 22/06/06, Gary W. Swearingen <garys at> wrote:
> "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at> writes:
> > On 22/06/06, NoWhereMan <ulist at> wrote:
> >> that looks to me more like a parse error of the browser :p
> >
> > No, it works like this. < and > are the beginning and end of the
> > comment tag. The beginning of the comment is !-- and the end of the
> > comment is --. That's going back to SGML. Firefox has had this
> > reported as a bug twice (more recently by myself) and the issue has
> > been closed. It's such an issue that, although not CSS related, it is
> > incorperated into acid2. However, it may be removed, as one of the
> > acid2 developers has changed his mind about it.
> Hmmm... My "DocBook Publishing" (XML) book says that "<!-" and "->"
> start and stop (XML) comments.  They work in firefox, but I'm guessing
> it's not legit.

Yes, I meant to say that <! is the beginning of the tag and -- is the
beginning of the comment. The exclamation point was supposed to be
with the less than sign.

> says that "<!" and ">" demark SGML code within an XML doc.  It need
> not contain a comment. Within SGML code, "--" toggles commenting on
> and off.  So "<!-- comment 1 -- not a comment -- comment 2 -->" is not
> a comment, though it contains two comments.  But in firefox (with
> default or XHTML DTD), it's all comment.

I FF it's not all comment. Take a look at this page:

At the bottom you can see the text the starts"wget...", which if you
look in the code is in a "comment" as you describe.

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