Stupid end-user tricks: darcs for /etc and /boot

Alexander Skwar listen at
Wed Jun 21 06:42:28 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>>> it prompts the user to view changes to important files 
>> Well, again not quite true. Not just to "important" files, but to
>> *all* files stored in one of the "CONFIG_PROTECT" (the 1st list)
>> directories.
> Seems like you are nit-picking

Maybe, but this is IMO crucial. As I wrote - a FUD depends
very much upon how something is phrased. And especially his
reply clearly shows, that he's spreading FUD about etc-update.

> since this point is unrelated to the OP's 
> position.

Not really. It shows, that he's wrong.

> He's saying that etc-update is dangerous.

True, but this is just wrong.

>>> (fstab being one). If the user chooses the worng config file his 
>>> system is hosed until he modifies the offending file.
>> Well - that's *not* the fault of etc-update, though!
> If a program can easily be used wrong in a way that can hose the system, 
> it doesn't matter whose "fault" it is,

Yes, it does, as it makes no sense to complain about the wrong
things; ie. it makes no sense to complain abot etc-update, when
etc-update isn't faulty.

> one can reasonably say that the 
> program can hose the system and should be used with caution. The same is 
> true for fdisk and dd.

And for every program that there is.

>>> I got tired of pouring over intimate details of every single /etc file 
>>> (and paying for it when I chose the wrong options). It's that simple,
>> Now, *that's* a valid complaint. But that complaint doesn't have anything
>> to do with etc-update anymore. It's you who got tired and made wrong
>> choices.
> A program where you can easily make wrong choice

So we're not talking about etc-update. Glad to get this straight.

>> There's just so much that Gentoo/etc-update can do about it.
> Whether there is or isn't something Gentoo can do is not the point in 
> question.

Yes, it is.

>> How should this be done, in your opinion?
> This is not really relevant to the OP's position.

Yes, it is.

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