how many people have actually replaced Windows with, Ubuntu Linux

Albert Charron acharron at
Tue Jun 20 19:23:29 UTC 2006

Jesper wrote:
> Hi,
> Began with RH 5.1 back in 1995-97 I think it was. Have been using OS/2,
> ecomstation and linux since then and no windows (privately that is...).
> Had win XP for 4 months a while ago but couldn't cope. I have been using
> Ubuntu since 4.1 as the only OS on my PC (now Dapper) and nowadays I'm
> using MacOSX at work so I a happy bunny indeed! :-)
> Jesper
This old laptop is very happy with dapper on it.  I have 3 servers at 
work and 1 at home all running on Mandriva... My desktop PC is dual 
booting XP/Dapper (can't get rid of XP right now, gaming and some of my 
hardware (winmodem, sound card) are not quite well supported by Linux 

I've been in Linux world since RedHat 5.1 back in 1998... As stated, 
still use Windows for some purposes at home and badly, at work...

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