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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Jun 11 01:52:03 UTC 2006

On Saturday 10 June 2006 21:47, ubuntu at wrote:
> Alan McKinnon wrote:

> > A better scheme is to alert Aunt Tillie that kmail is trying to open a
> > connection to a remote machine and it wants to talk to port 25.
> > Auntie knows this OK as she just clicked send in kmail, and is in a
> > position to safely say "OK".
> This would be the ZoneAlarm style, which Linux really lacks, unfortunately.
My experience with this has been that there are basically two choices:

1.  Lock things down.  The user gets frustrated and uninstalls or turns off 
the firewall.

2.  Ask if something needs a port opened up going out.  User virtually always 
says yes.

Either way, unless there is a lot of user training and understanding, I don't 
think these GUI firewalls do much good for the masses.

Scott K

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