breezy - dapper upgrade broke wireless

Young H. Etheridge yhe at
Sat Jun 10 21:34:24 UTC 2006

I have an Averatec 3250 working: X would hang at seemingly random 
moments and getting the RA2500 wireless configuration working took a bit 
of effort.  But, it works.  I can publish my RA2500 (RA0) config in 
/etc/network/interfaces if that would help.  The major change was that 
of adding "acpi=ht" to the kernel line in the boot sequence.  I haven't 
added it permanently to my grub config until I am certain that I have no 
other choice.  I turn the eth0 network interface off/on manually since I 
don't really need it.

I am a SuSE convert to Ubuntu.  I am not pleased with what is happening 
to the SuSE product since Novell got into the act.

sboixo wrote, On 06/10/2006 03:41 PM:
> Similar problem in an Averatec 3250. I'd tried blakclisting as suggested
> in the post, but that didn't help. I have been expending way too much
> time setting up my laptop (and some other computers) lately, and
> fortunately I used partimage before upgrading, so hopefully I can
> recover my old installation. I am posting just to recommend partimage
> before major upgrades, I see from previous posts  that way too many
> people seems to be falling back to a clean reinstall. Not the best
> option if you have deadlines, like is my case.

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