X locks up the keyboard

Nik nik at cheddarcheese.de
Fri Jun 9 05:43:32 UTC 2006

In article <20060609013440.GB3179 at localhost.localdomain>,
   Sridhar M.A. <mas at mylug.org> wrote:
>    > > One problem that I noticed: When I log out and X tries to
>    > > restart, the screen gets muddled and the keyboard locks up. Only
>    > > way to get back is by pressing the reset button :-( 
>    > 
>    > What do you get in /var/log/Xorg.0.log (or other numbers)
>    > 
> Got round the problem. Installed kdm and used it rather than gdm. Now,
> everything is fine. From this I surmise that there is a bug in gdm which
> is causing this lockup.

And it would be wonderful if this bug could be reported.
Did anything pop up in the Xorg log files indicating the problem?


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