ntpdate installed but time differs from nrc official?

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Fri Jun 9 18:19:18 UTC 2006

On Jun 9, 2006, at 10:00 AM, ubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com  

for the most part, i've been v. happy with all things ubuntu. the  
time display's one of those things that can seem trivial, until you  
look a little further, at least as far as i understand it (not far,  
really). lots o' things inside the wee box, though, depend on an  
accurate timestamp. the shutdown script's another thing that doesn't  
seem to work as expected.

when i started noticing, for instance, that the cbc news was coming  
on several minutes past when my watch (synch'd to the computer's  
supposedly ntp'd clock) said it should, i began to flail about  
looking for howto get the ntp to synch up. i found the 'date & time'  
option, of course, *after* i'd asked my original question, and after  
i'd already downloaded and installed the ntp-server and ntp-doc  
thingies. my only other issue with this particular ubuntu revolves  
around the screensaver, and "issue"'s probably too strong a word.  
more of a niggle, really. (i really liked franz melchior's clock  
screensaver in kde, mostly 'cause i can see it on the screen, from my  
bathroom...) i've seen traffic on the lists to the effect that  
gnome's screensaver bugs others a bit as well.

but if i had to say if the lock-up was a lock-up or a screensaver  
hang, well, it looked and sounded like a lock-up, at least to these  
newbie eyes. although it tracked movements, the mouse screen cursor  
stopped didn't respond to left-/right-clicks. i couldn't switch  
desktops, or make selections from the menu. when i ctrl-alt- 
backspace'd outta there, i went to the ubuntu log-in screen. it's  
been several years now since i ssh'd anywhere, but i'm guessing here,  
that i'd ctrl-alt-Fn# to an alternate console? i don't know what to  
do from that point though.

i'm more concerned at the moment with the shutdown option not  
working. i recall some early 6.06 traffic that mentioned that problem.

thanks again for your help.


I've found that chrony is much easier to get working correctly than  
ntpdate.  Since I have a 24/7 ADSL connection I removed the "offline"  
paramater in chrony.conf and restarted after installing it.  It took  
a few hours to make the initial corrections and after that it just  

Bob Nielsen

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