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On 06/06/09 06:00 (GMT-0400) Clint Tinsley apparently typed:

>> Also, download Mozilla 1.7.13 via the URL below. Keep in mind 
>> you'll have to install with root, else you'll get an install error. 
>> I downloaded and installed without a hassle tonight.


> Thanks.  This is a different installation file than I used.  I hope it works and I'll be dancin!

I recommend you don't try this with any expectation of liking it. The site doesn't come right out and make it clear that this
build is intended for older Linux systems that do not employ
xft/fontconfig. It's a GTK1 build, not a GTK2 build.

The 1.7.12 releases included both GTK1 and GTK2 versions,
but the GTK2 was a contributed build. The person who built it will not
be building a 1.7.13 version to contribute. There's been minimal
pressure to find anyone else to build GTK2 1.7.13, because the official policy is you're supposed to "upgrade" to Firefox and
Thunderbird. The unofficial policy is you're supposed to upgrade from
1.7.x to SeaMonkey 1.0.x, which is currently available officially in
both GTK1 and GTK2 variants. The older SM GTK1 variant is explicitly
labeled as such, the reverse of how it was done with 1.7.x.

If you have your heart set on 1.7.13, I recommend you watch
to see if someone comes through with a GTK2 build. If that happens, this
is what it should look like there:

mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-1.7.12-gtk2+xft.tar.gz was its still current,
should-be predecessor, which is not an installer build. You'll need to
extract it to your choice of location and optionally set up whatever
shortcuts or menu items you wish to run it.
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