Dapper upgrade from Breezy

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Fri Jun 9 08:13:55 UTC 2006

Me - Atlantic wrote:
> so, all of the traffic with upgrade problems is unsubstantiated?

If a million users upgrade and there is a 1% chance of upgrade problems 
you will see 1,000 user posts saying that they can't upgrade.

The probability of upgrade problems will never be 0. I can tell you 
right now that I had problems with my laptop. After I upgraded, Dapper 
wouldn't detect my ethernet card and I had to run modprobe. The best you 
can do is upgrade just one system and after it's been working for 
several days upgrade another.

>> The upgrade from Breezy to Dapper _is_ supported.
> I did see the dist upgrade on my update manager this morning (there was
> a tiff lib upgrade available for breezy), but after that upgrade was
> installed, the "updates available" was turned off...  so i guess i would
> have to do the dist upgrade from commandline

I did it from the command line. Not only that, but from Ctrl+Alt+F1. And 
I recommend that you do the same. At one point during the upgrade, the 
system might kill X (it happens with me all the time) so you don't want 
to be upgrading from X.

> Basically make a mirror of my production server on another box and
> perform the upgrade, test out the server apps (apache, ftp, ssh, all the
> ip addressing, dns, mail server, etc), and then do the same on the
> actual production server, then move all of that back onto the production
> system... i would have to have the backup server installed and
> implemented at the isp NOC... since I only have remote access to the
> production servers, I think that exercise would cost in the neighborhood
> of 5 to 600 US to do that...

Yes, that's what I was suggesting. But 500-600US is bad :(

You might be better off just not upgrading the server. If this is a 
critical system I too would be afraid of upgrading. I might be willing 
to take a 1-5% chance on my desktop, but not on a critical server.

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