Getting started with Plone

rhyshowitt ulist at
Fri Jun 9 07:35:44 UTC 2006

I'm one step up from a newbie, and would appreciate a little guidance to
get me going.

I want to set up a website for a community group, with a good set of
features and a sound basis for adding extra functionality.  So I'm
looking for an approach that is reasonably straightforward for somebody
with basic IT skills (bit of VBA, some familiarity with OOP, not a whole
lot of time...)  I'm happy with Ubuntu, and want a platform that's
pretty mainstream in the Ubuntu world.

So far, I'm inclined to use Plone.  Firstly, who thinks that's a good
idea?  Should I be using Ruby on Rails, or something more colourful? 
Python sounded like a reasonable thing for me to play with.

Secondly, if I *do* use Plone, how do I get it working?  I seem to have
installed it and Plone-site (via synaptic and apt-get), but I can't
bring anything up.  Google seems to tell me that I should be asked for
an Admin password, but I haven't been.

Is anyone willing to give me a few tips, and perhaps even be a bit of a
mentor while I get started?  (I am happy to buy some books on Plone, but
would like to make sure I can run it first.)


Canberra, Australia


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