Matrox G400 dual head monitor problem

Ben Edwards (lists) lists at
Thu Jun 8 22:35:27 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 23:03 +0100, Blippe wrote:
> First of all, you really need a serverlayout, second, if you look at the
> output from "man mga" in the console you can read the following line:
> "The second head of dual-head cards  is supported  for  the G450 and
> G550.  Support for the second head on G400 cards requires a binary-only
> "mga_hal" module that  is  available  from Matrox 
> <>, and may be on the CD supplied with the card."
Thanks for this, and everybody elses help.  Ended up getting a G450 and
now have both monitors working (c xorg.conf below).

Have a slight problem, when I go to change resolution I get 'The X
Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution
changes to the display size are not available'

Have done a bit of googeling and it looks maybe the mga drivers I am
using do not support this but any insight would be, well insightful.


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