XGL + Opengl + Multimedia possible ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Thu Jun 8 22:25:16 UTC 2006

> > I thought that Xgl and Aiglx were planned to eventually converge to a
> > single project?
> Yes, look at Xorg 7.1 it includes some features from Xgl and from
> AIGLX... it's already released, but we must wait a while because they
> had to change the video driver model. We must wait for new drivers to
> come....
> Perhaps, i wish that it will be done before the next ubuntu release..

Hmm, interesting. It definitely fits Edgy's "bleeding edge" goal, so it
might make it if the devs judge it stable enough.
OTOH, it doesn't really matter since I have never ever got H/W rendering
to work satisfactorily be it with nvidia (on-board GeForce2 MX 32MB), or
a brand new add-on ATI (Radeon 9250) card, be it with binary/proprietary
or open-source drivers.
The only hope I can see is this "OpenGraphics" project, but by the looks
of it, it won't be ready before a year, two years being probably a more
realistic figure. So that gives the community a reasonable amount of
time to figure out/settle on the best way to implement this 3D desktop
stuff, and debug it.

Vince, full of hopes, just not in the short term...

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