Single authentication with Windows (LDAP?)

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Wed Jun 7 10:02:22 UTC 2006


There is a school wants to try Linux. I will setup something like a 
Cyber Cafe with about 30 computers as a trial. It would be highly 
desirable if the students could save their work to their current 
accounts on the Windows network and I was hoping someone would have a 

The Linux boxes will be thin clients booting from an Edubuntu server. I 
can do pretty much anything on the Linux side, but they are not ready to 
change anything major on the Windows side.

It'd be nice if the students could login to Linux using their existing 
Windows accounts, but that's by no means required. At worst I can just 
set up an account per PC (e.g. username "pc1" password "pc1") and tell 
the students bring a floppy disk and use sneaker-net. Any improvement on 
sneaker-net would be welcome.

Thanks for the help!

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