Best mobile phone for Linux?

Henk Postma henkpm at
Tue Jun 6 18:53:02 UTC 2006

Hi Neil,

On 6/5/06, Juergen Starek <quiterigorouslyfilteredusenetaccount at> wrote:
> Neil McLeod schrieb:
> > I'm buying a new cell phone [...]
> >
> > -Easy calendar synchronization (I use KOrganizer)
> > -Easy PIM synchronization with Bluetooth
> > (The below are not Linux specific, but thought I'd include them anyway:)
> > -Long battery life
> > -Audible/repeating alarms (I'm absent-minded and need good reminders)
> Look at Handspring's Treo series (IIRC, the company has been bought by
> Palm source meanwhile).

I second the suggestion for the Treo. I have a treo 650 that syncs the
addressbook, calendar etc with linux over bluetooth (I've used it
since breezy, now using dapper). Bluetooth setup was not that hard. I
use a  D-Link DBT-120 USB adapter to sync it. The adapter was
recognized upon plugin and the correct modules were loaded
automatically. To set everything up, I used these pages:

Basically you set up your bluetooth connection as a network connection
and do a network sync. The port or device name is net:any, this took
me some time to figure out.

I use Jpilot, and syncing works flawlessly. The last time I tried
evolution (a few weeks ago with a then up to date dapper), only
uncategorized entries were synced. Korganizer syncing worked find when
I used it in breezy half a year ago.

You may want to try a more basic phone, but the treo works well.

Good luck, and let us know what you bought and if it works well. I
wouldn't be surprised if there is some list with linux compatible

hth, Henk Postma


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