i give up...

Lorin Pino ljpino at grm.net
Sun Jun 4 13:11:34 UTC 2006

Mats Holmberg wrote:

> Colin Brace wrote:
>> On 6/3/06, Mats Holmberg <mats.holmberg at dnainternet.net> wrote:
>>> Mplayer or VLC play quite many formats. Xine also (although it
>>> complaints all the time =)). You won't get everything to work, wmv's 
>>> you
>>> find on the net for example won't work (well ok, maybe 1 out of 20 
>>> will).
>> Disagree here. Once you install the w32codecs deb package, you should
>> be able to view most if not all WMVs. The only problems I've
>> encountered are with embedded WMVs that require a browser plugin --
>> such as The Daily Show archive. I've had mixed results with the
>> mplayer and gxine mozilla plugins.
> Could be. The problem is there is no w32codecs package around by 
> default. I didn't know there was a package like that, nor where to get 
> it. And now, when adding the repositories where w32codecs can be 
> found, synaptic complains about authentication.
> -Mats
Are you aware that in some countries it is illegal to play a dvd you own 
with software that is not provided by Mac or Windows?  As far as I know, 
Linspire is the only Linux that has managed to get the licensing for 
providing a working player, and you have to pay $10US to download 
Linspire's version of Xine.  That is after paying $50US for the OS, and 
$20 or $50US for their click-n-run download service. 

So, don't expect anyone to sign a potentially illegal program.  They 
would just be asking for the Windblows Secret Service to come after 
them.  Did you notice the source of that file?  Someone correct me if I 
am wrong, but I think that plf stands for Penguin Liberation Front. 

If you want to view video in ubuntu, and don't mind being a "rebel", 
then install the w32codecs file.

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