Trouble with apps after system glitch

Wade Smart wade at
Sat Jun 3 22:40:03 UTC 2006

06032006 1736 GMT-6

Ok. Things are much worse. When Thunderbird starts, it doesn't check the 
mail. It displays 156 when I have 1 email in the Inbox. When I try to 
move emails I cant. After multiple attempts I cannot. I cant access my 
ubuntu_users folder to see the emails that have come in. Most of my 
filters are not working.

Im at a total freakin loss and I dont know what to do.


Wade Smart wrote:

> 06022006 2110 GMT-6
> This afternoon I had some type of system glitch. I had Seti up, my 
> email and two browsers along with a text file and Bluefish. All of the 
> sudden everything froze. Then when it unfroze the keyboard wasn't 
> working right. When I typed the letters were all caps. When I hit the 
> caps button, some letters were caps some were not. I rebooted. Then I 
> had some problems with Thunderbird. It wouldn't download. It would 
> load some folders. Some trouble with Bluefish and Firefox after that 
> and I decided to reboot again. The system did some type of hard drive 
> scan. After that reboot, now Thunderbird wont check email at all 
> unless I specifically hit the Send/Receive button. I have checked all 
> my settings and they are all still correct. Check email every 5 
> minutes is still correct but after one hour, it had not checked even 
> once.
> This is way beyond me. Help is much appreciated.
> wade
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