Remote Desktop

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Jun 3 15:45:10 UTC 2006

R S Gill wrote:

> Ok I'm trying to be as detailed as possible about what I need.
> Just so everyone is clear, the built in remote desktop in Dapper, as far
> as I can tell is VNC (VNC allows remote connections to the mashine, but
> rdesktop is available to connect to windows boxes). I have also tried
> using freenx but suspend and resume with freenx is flaky.
> I need a way to setup remote desktop such that when I access my server,
> no one who is in the server room can watch what I am doing on the
> server.

You can't do that with the built-in desktop sharing, so you'll have to
accept the solutions you're being offered.

> And yes I am aware that VNC is slower and is not encrypted. I'll deal
> with the slowness and I use an SSH tunnel the VNC connection to VNC.

If you go that way, it's still faster and simpler to use NX to connect, and
then use "nxviewer localhost:0" to access the VNC session.
> I just need some help blanking the remote screen while the machine is
> being connected to with VNC. 

The session you're connecting to with RFB is simply sharing its display (and
keyboard).  If you blank the screen, there, you blank it on the remote
connection.  You could probably turn off the hardware with DPMS, but
someone in the computer room could turn it back on again (they own the

> And once the VNC session is ended, the 
> remote machine needs to have the screen lock activated.

The solution is to figure out the problem with NX resuming, and use NX.  You
need to NOT have an X session running on localhost:0

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