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> Does your solution solve the issue of the screen on the machine being
> connected not being blanked?

I'm not certain what you mean by this, but the display you see remotely is
not the one on the screen of the machine you are connecting to - which
would normally be "display :0" In other words, assuming the server is
running the X session ( say GNOME) on display :0 , no-one will see what
you are seeing from your remote session. If they run the " w " command,
and you have an xterm or similar running remotely, they will see that
there is a connection from :1 , though.

The connection is to display :1 - which would normally be on tty8
(ctrl-alt-F8) - but changing to that tty while the server is running, on
the server machine, does not show it. Of course if you wish you can
specify a different display number like :2 or I suppose :11 and so on ... I
haven't tried that.

Apparently only the remotely connected machine can see the session
(although I guess it would be possible to connect to it from the
local/server machine - haven't tried that to be honest).

If in addition you tunnel the connection through ssh, I think you'd be
pretty safe all round. But run a test and see what happens. I think vnc
listens on port 5900, from memory...

Googling for "tightvnc over ssh " "xtightvnc configuration linux" or
similar will give you plenty of info :)



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