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VIGNESH vignesh1986 at
Sat Jun 3 17:26:44 UTC 2006

    I am making the next version of my Hoary based livecd using the image of
my previous version.I have the following questions.

1.How to add vlc player to the Multimedia menu
2.To disable the autologin of user ubuntu in the gettys.. I know I have to
remove the user ubuntu but I don`t wanna mess up.
3.No autologin.What file do I have to edit ?
4.New GDM
5.New default theme
6.Can I change the default user name...I know I have to change the name in
the sudoers list as well... Will that bring up any problems.
7.I am modifying a Mac OS X default wallpaper and using it as my default...
Is that illegal or somethin.. (Just curious)
8.Also no sound comes in Frozen-Bubble,supertux and tuxracer .. It worked on
my installed system.I used the same packages to alter the livecd as well

 I am not installing any new packages this time.Except Blender and a SudoKu
game both are not packages.. binary files... So also have to add them to the

Like  /home/ubuntu/blender/blender

Thats it for now will add more later once I remember...

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