Dapper OpenOffice Font Problem

L. Mark Stone lmstone at rnome.com
Sat Jun 3 03:31:31 UTC 2006

Fresh install of Dapper on an IBM R52 laptop that previously ran SuSE  
10.1 with KDE.

I created a .fonts folder in my home directory and copied a set of  
Type1 font files (*.afb, *.pfb and *.afm) I purchased I license to  
three years ago.

Under SuSE's OOo, documents prepared with this font displayed on the  
screen correctly.  Under Dapper, OOo substitutes some other  
Helvetica-looking font for my paid font (ITC Oficina Sans, FWIW).

The OOo font selection drop-down also renders this font incorrectly.

I copied these same font files to a different SuSE system and OOo  
there renders the screen fonts correctly.

Ideas?  Does Dapper do something different with the freetype libs than SuSE?


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