apt bug in install

ubuntu at rio.vg ubuntu at rio.vg
Fri Jun 2 18:11:54 UTC 2006

When I installed Dapper, apt/synaptic/updater all get "Failed to fetch"
whenever I ran them.  I got a different sources.list off the forums,
that didn't help.   The machine could access the internet just fine, no
proxies or anything fancy.  It resolved the name, but everything came
back "Connection failed [IP: 80]".  From bash, I could
telnet to port 80 of that server just fine.

I tracked the problem to /etc/apt/apt.conf, which had
'Acquire::http::Proxy "false";'  This meant, as far as I can tell, meant
that apt was trying to connect to "false" and proxy through it. 
Removing the line solved the issue.

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