CJK font antianiasing weirdness with Dapper

Jan Moren jan.moren at lucs.lu.se
Fri Jun 2 03:37:33 UTC 2006

After upgrading to Dapper (great improvements all over, by the way!),
there is a very irritating font issue.

In most programs, when writing in Japanese, the Japanse font used is not
antialiased anymore. The exception here is gnome-terminal, which seems
to map to a different font that gets it right.

But now I'm at a bit of a loss. I hven't been able to figure out how or
where it is decided which font to use when writing Japanese, and I have
no idea what gnome-terminal does different from other apps (this is true
whether gnome-terminal is set to use the system default or some other
font, and irrespective of font size).

It may sound like a silly problem, but unantialiased kanji is downright
painful for me to read, so I'd really like to get to the bottom of this.

Dr. Jan Morén (mr)              
Japan:  090-3622 8920           jan.moren at lucs.lu.se
Sweden: 031-360 7723            http://lucs.lu.se/people/jan.moren

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