Compiling/Using Ralink RT61

FXBOY4EVA ulist at
Thu Jun 1 00:24:52 UTC 2006

Late reply but better than never here.

Actually its more than likely the case that The Wireless Card in
question, Like my Cnet CWP-854 (Which is also mentioned in the FSF list
as using the rt2500 chipset) and many other similar cards DID use the
rt2500 chipset, but most sutch cards (regardless of manufacturer) have
seemingly undergone a hardware revision in recent months and now use
the (Later) rt61 chipset, which hasn't been documented because
obviously not everyone is going to run out and buy the same card (or so
it says on the box) they already have 4 months later for hardware

This may have been due to feature differences in the chipsets , the
rt61 may be cheaper, or perhaps Ralink are simply phasing out the
rt2500, which is the case I cannot determine.

Admittedly I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux in general but I do know
hardware and how its manufactured, and changes like this are TYPICAL of
most manufacturers of both chips and Cards (as is them not being
bothered to mention it so that Linux users and developers can take it
into account), I also found this out whilst trying to get my card
working under breezy, which was nigh impossible, I now use Dapper which
includes drivers for both. Whether they are a compile of Ralink's own
recent GPL drivers or the latest beta of the Opensource rt2x00 driver
(which has also promised rt61 support) I don't know either.

I'm giving the Kubuntu Dapper Release Candidate a whirl at the moment
and all is great apart from trying to use WPA (Which my home network
uses), can't get a thing from the network manager and I DO have
wpa_supplicant installed, pointers anyone ? I'd really rather not have
to run round the house setting every other machine back to WEP


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